Tiny Dadaists – Preschoolers Workshop on Literature and Poetry

with Viviana Miliaresi

Tiny Dadaists – Preschoolers Workshop on Literature and Poetry, with Viviana Miliaresi


6 session, once per week, one hour


Wednesday at 17:00

starting February 21

Step inside our Tiny Dadaists workshop and explore the materials, shapes and forms used in the Dadaism movement to re-invent structures and meaning.

Investigate different words and their purposes.


The workshop also offers pupils the chance to play with the techniques of collage, sound poetry and cut-up writing.

There are infinite possibilities in art, poetry and storytelling within our interactive sessions, which end with a tailor-made piece of artwork to take home!


English speaking workshop.

Ages 3-5 years old.

Parents’ presence is required.


Session 1: Words as starting points for stories
Session 2: Counting, shape, pattern
Session 3: Have a conversation
Session 4: Explorers of the world
Session 5: Mini Curators
Session 6: Arty Party! -treats on us 🙂


from Feb 1st until Feb 21st

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Who is Viviana

Viviana Miliaresi, a writing mentor at the Ministry of Stories, Nick Hornby’s Creative Writing Hub in East London, is the founder of theresastory.org, Creative Writing & Illustration for Kids aged 3-12.
She has been leading workshops, developing and delivering their programme across London since 2013. She has an ongoing collaboration with Atlantis Books and has been running their kids events and literary festivals in Santorini since 2013.
She loves pistachio-flavoured macarons and hates wearing the same socks.
TRAINING & QUALIFICATIONS: MA in Digital Writing, UoL | Writing Mentor Training, MoS | Storytelling Training, Crick Crack Club | Dyslexia Training, HAD

Terms & Conditions

  • First Session: Wednesday, February 21 at 17:00
  • Total Fee (for all 6 sessions): 80€ + 24% VAT

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